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Generating month to month results and ROI

  • 910

    Ave Monthly Facebook Enquiries

  • $29-54

    Ave Cost Per Enquiry

  • $27.89

    Ave Google Conversion

The Story

We were approached by B1 Homes as they were looking to do an overhaul of their digital marketing, which included all Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. The main goal was to improve their visual appeal as well as the ad copy used for all the advertising, which in turn would generate more monthly enquiries.

As well as a digital strategy, B1 wanted in-depth monthly reporting which would break down each campaign individually so they could better understand which offers and messaging worked best with their audience, and which did not.

The Challenge

As B1 Homes operated on a 30-day period for all digital campaigns, we had a small timeframe to generate positive results and meet monthly KPIs. We also had to ensure each individual sales team generated similar monthly enquires while managing expectations and helping create strong campaign strategies.

As well as Facebook and Instagram campaigns, we had to deliver strategic Google Ad Words campaigns using a minor budget compared to other competitors working in this same space.

Our Strategy

We created a campaign strategy that allowed all sales teams to run individual campaigns which did not clash or interfere with each other. In doing so, it allowed each campaign to target relevant audiences and demographers relating to the campaign messaging. Our team worked closely on each campaign to ensure ongoing optimisation during the campaign period which allowed us to quickly take action with underperforming strategies and set the campaign on track for better results. In doing so this allowed us to zone in on the best campaign messages which we would be able to optimise month after month to generate ongoing enquiries for the brand.

The Results

In the first 3 months of implementing our Facebook ad strategy, we saw an average of 1,112 enquiries per month. This resulted in an average CPL of $44.96, which was a great industry-specific result and also came in under the $50 per enquiry that the B1 team had requested.

As we continued to work with B1 homes we saw an average of 910 monthly Facebook enquiries with a CPL between $29-54. Our Google Ad strategy also saw great results, with an average conversion cost of $27.89 month after month, and an average of 20 – 40 monthly conversions with a very minor budget.

Elardus and the entire team are amazing to work with! Their approach towards digital marketing and graphic design has resulted in high performing campaigns, great website maintenance and allowed us to reach the goals of our business.

B1 Homes

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