Creating a strong, cohesive brand identity across all assets.

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We’re specialists at strategically applying your brand’s personality across all marketing channels so the messages are cohesive, relatable, engaging, and easy to understand, all while keeping in line with your business objectives.

Graphic Designs

How your business communicates visually can make a direct impression on potential clients. Our creative team are passionate Adobe users with years of experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, After Effects and much more!

Elgo offers bespoke graphic design services for all kinds of business assets, to ensure all visuals and guidelines are cohesive, recognisable, and related to your business.

Our team are specialists at

  • Advertising Assets

  • Motion Graphics

  • Illustration & Infographics

Branded Content

Flyers, booklets, posters and much more, are all ways to showcase your business’s products, and services.

Branded content is a great way for companies to set themselves apart from their competitors visually, and potentially make a lasting impression on potential clients.

We work closely with clients to create a visual representation of company values, brand personality, services, and products, applying this uniformly across all branded content materials.

Specialists in creating

  • Publication & Print Design

  • Promotional Assets

  • Social Media Branding

Brand Identity

Your brand’s identity is your company’s way of expressing exactly who you are and what you offer to clients.

Our goal is to provide your business with an expanded brand identity that reflects your place in the current market.  Our creative team is equipped with the necessary skills to design a cohesive brand strategy that includes logos, colours, fonts, slogans, phrases and business personality. With branding, you can start from scratch or simply give your existing materials a fresh touch-up.

Our team can assist with

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Guidelines