Perth Interior & Exterior Living

From start-up to full team in 1.5 years

  • 40x

    Return On Ad Spend

  • 80

    Ave Monthly Facebook Enquiries

  • 400%

    Increase In Monthly Sales

The Story

Perth Interior & Exterior Living approached us as a small start-up family business selling shutters, gates, blinds, screens and other home improvement products. At the time, business owner John had been running ads on Facebook himself. Using a very small budget to start, John was hoping to elevate his ads into proper marketing campaigns that would deliver consistent business enquiries from potential customers.

The Challenge

Increase a small start-up company’s business revenue through strategically targeted, higher converting Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. As well as creating a cohesive, professional brand look across their owned social media channels.

Our Strategy

The brand had very little exposure on Facebook and Instagram, and little attention was being given to their posts and branding. Our plan was to set up all of the company’s social media profiles properly, with a cohesive brand style that was as equally approachable as John was in real life. We wanted to show that not only was he a trustworthy supplier, but that he also ensured the delivery of quality products.

Working closely with John we came up with a strategy to advertise his best and most popular products through targeted pay-per-click ads across Facebook, Instagram and Google. We found that ‘gate and screen’ enquires generated the most attention, and started to zone in on this specific area of his business.

The Results

After testing multiple ad types, creatives, copy and adverting methods, we developed a specific digital marketing strategy for Perth Interior and Exterior Living. Elgo ran ads for the business through Facebook, which alone managed to generate around 50 leads a month on average, and up to 100 leads on a busy month. All of this was from a $500-$1,000 ad budget – the same amount that John was spending on his own boosted ad posts before working with Elgo.

Since starting with John, we have consistently scaled his monthly ad spend and strengthened his revenue, creating continuous growth. He now has a warehouse in Wangara with multiple team members. He has started to manufacture his products in-house and continues to install and supply products to his clients.  We’ve been proud to see John’s business grow, and we continue to work with Perth Interior and Exterior Living to assist with their new campaigns.

We have worked with Elgo for roughly 2 years now and I cannot recommend them enough! We started with them as a small start up business and only had a small marketing budget to begin. Since starting, we have seen amazing results from our campaigns and have actually tripled our ad spend as we keep growing our business. I highly recommend working with these guys.

Perth Interior & Exterior Living

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